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1966 GTO

Engine Codes

Engine Description Std.Code Calif.Code Comp.Ratio HP
4bbl Manual WT WW 10.75:1 335
4bbl Auto YS XE 10.75:1 335
3X2bbl Manual WS WV 10.75:1 360
3X2bbl Auto YR 10.75:1 360
3X2bbl Manual RA* XS 10.75:1 360

Production Figures

Body Style Production Engine Trans
Coupe 10363 NA NA
Hardtop 73785 NA NA
Convertible 12798 NA NA
Total 96946
1966 19045 389-3X2 NA
1966 77901 389-4bbl NA
Total 96946
1966 61279 NA Manual
1966 35667 NA Auto
Total 96946

Exterior Color and Codes

Color Code
Starligt Black A
Blue Charcoal B
Cameo Ivory C
Fontaine Blue D
Nightwatch Blue E
Palmetto Green H
Reef Turquoise K
Mariner Turquoise L
Burgundy N
Barrier Blue P
Montero Red R
Martinique Bronze T
Mission Beige V
Platinium W
Candelite Cream Y

Convertible Top Colors And Codes

Color Code
White 1
Black 2
Blue 4
Turquoise 5
Beige 6

Cordova Top Colors and Codes

Color Code
Ivory 1
Black 2
Beige 6

Interior Colors and Codes

Color Code
Blue 219
Turquoise 220
Fawn 221
Red 222
Black 223
Parchment 224

Assembly Plant Codes

Code Plant
B Baltimore
G Framingham
K Kansas City
P Pontiac
Z Fremont

Transmission Codes

Transmission Code
Column Shift Three-Speed Manual 5
Three-Speed Manual Floor Shift S
Automatic (Powerglide) J
Four-Speed Manual Wideo-ratio (M20) W
Four-Speed Manual Wideo-ratio (M21) 8

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